AEGEAN // Chapter I

Waving from Istanbul to Napoli to finally crushing into Marseille, the galvanizing journey that crafted Fanny Maillard’s new editorial & collection has brought a whole new dimension to the artist’s work.
Brighter and bolder than her previous outcomes but with an unchanged focus on sharp silhouettes, never-ending lines and stunning minimalism that have always been part of her approach. The fabrics themselves are a tangible proof of this inspirational trip. Digged in various flea and second hand markets around the Med to be then shaped into something new: a modernist architecture influenced stiff and unbending material still dragging its own origins. She has always been out in the street looking for the details that bound every material to each other so she could recreate those in her own world. To stress even more the importance of creating this deep link between elements and what they represent, a boxing inspired belt has been sometimes taken upfront and treated as the outstanding connection between all the symbols tied to the silhouette’s mantra.
By controlling every aspect of the editorial process, she has been able to catalyze all those emotions to push her art further than ever.
The next stop of this journey is expected later this year.
Fashion design & Photography: @fannymaillardcw
Model: Elisabeth Antus @elisabethats
Assistant photographer: @allian
Assistant stylist: @claire.gerlero
Producer and second assistant: